SBRC Services

IMAGE: ServicesThe services of The Center will consist of:

  • One-on-one counseling for small businesses in Baltimore City
  • Site for the Commercial Revitalization Coordinators
  • On-site loan officers from various lending institutions
  • An extensive library of resources
  • Computer resource center with extensive research component
  • A centralized location for small business training classes
  • The resources of The Center
    1. City-wide counseling services
    2. Augment the services of the Commercial Revitalization Coordinators
    3. Business education programs
    4. Specialized MBE/WBE pre- and post-certification counseling services
    5. Provide extended specialized counseling services utilizing Towson University faculty and resources
    6. Provide extensive marketing research services
    7. Provide extensive business planning counseling
    8. Assist with idsentifying procurement opportunities both public and private