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Inc. Magazine How to Really Create a Successful Business Plan*
Inc. Magazine Maximize Cash Flow: How to Plan, Manage and Control the Cash
your business needs.
Inc. Magazine For Young Entrepreneurs: Starting and Running your own
Bank of Boston/SBA Basics of Exporting (2 copies)
SBA The Changing Face of Small Business: Emerging Entrepreneurs*
Inc Magazine Creating a Winner: The real secrets of successful marketing*
Inc Magazine Customer Service Video Series (Part 3)
The 25 best Customer Service Ideas you can use today
Inc Magazine Customer Service Video Series (Part 2)
Create a company customers will love to do business with.
Inc Magazine How to really start your own business
Inc Magazine

H. Ross Perot
A Vision for success in the 90's

How to deliver superior customer service

Small Business Video Library The business plan: Your road map for success
Microsoft Video Products The business of Customers (Volume 2, tape 1)*
Inc. Magazine How to start and run a small company (Volume 3)
Inc. Magazine How to start and run a small company (Volume 4)
Toshiba Your satellite notebook computer*
Entrepreneur Group Wedding planning video
Inc. Magazine Restaurant Success
Inc. Magazine Do it yourself marketing
Inc. Magazine Boost your sales 1,000% tried & proven sales solutions
SBA & the Maryland 100 What's New at SBA*
Entrepreneur Group Auto Detailing Video
Inc. Magazine How to start and run a small company (volume 2)
Inc. Magazine How to start and run a small company (volume 1)
Entrepreneur Group Silk Flower Arranging (2 copies) (blank casings)
Entrepreneur Group Events Planning Video
Entrepreneur Group The Art of Gift Baskets
Inc. Magazine How to manage sales for greater profitability
Inc. Magazine How to find new customers
Inc. Magazine How to communicate (Customer Service Video Series, Part 4)
Your customer service vision.
A Winning Blueprint (Volume 4) Home-Based Business: A Winning Blueprint (Volume 4)
Inc. Magazine Making effective sales calls*
U. S. Small Business Admin. CISCO/SBA Press Conference 7/19/00
Inc. Magazine Are your customers happy with your service?
(Customer service video series, Part 1)
Inc. Magazine How to keep you customers for life
(Customer service video series, Part 5)
Inc. Magazine Effective Follow-up
(Part 5 of Inc's Real Selling Video Series)
Inc. Magazine 6 Steps to improving customer service through quality
Inc. Magazine Tom Peters on Necessary Disorganization
Inc. Magazine Raising Capital / How to finance your business
Inc. Magazine How to survive and profit in tough times
Inc. Magazine Smart Solutions for Managing your time
How to get more done in less time
Inc. Magazine How to deal with buying objections
Inc. Magazine Successful sales relationships*
(Part 1 of Inc's Real Selling Video Series)
Inc. Magazine How to succeed in a home business
Small Business Video Library Marketing: Winning Customers with a workable plan
Volume 1
Small Business Video Library Promoting: Solving the puzzle*
Volume 3
Inc. Magazine Growing the company
Inc. Magazine Harvey Mackay on Customer Service
Always deliver more than you promise
DCF Helping Small Business do business (4 copies) (2 with casings / 2 (without)*
SBA & Entreprenurial Development The SBA and you*
Real World Training Mastering Quick books - Vol.'s 1 - 7
Inc. Magazine Managing People - Recruiting, Motivating & leading your team
SBA The plain truth about welfare to work
SBA Streamlined for Success
Videos on Black Bookcase
ZGS Communications Empowerment Zones & Enterprise Communities
ZGS Communications Status of Empowerment Zones
Detroit Conference Highlights
WingsNet Moments of Truth with Jan Carlzon
WingsNet Building Loyalty: One Customer & One Employee at a Time
WEB 18th Graduation Ceremony Autumn
Mid-Atlantic Business Finance Honoring Congressman Elijah Cummings
EBMC Business Breakfast Series / Getting the Capital to Grow
(2 copies)
MD SBDC Network Day - May 23, 2000
MD SBDC Government Cost Proposal Process - Part 1
SBA C-Span Electronic Commerce Forum
National Black Chamber of Commerce
IBM & Travelers
Property Casualty
Small Business 2000 ( the series on public television)
(2 copies)
ATC's HUBTech HUBZone Program - Welfare to Work program
CPS Accounting Requirements for Government Contracts
Parts 1 - 4
CPS 1999 Lend Award
CPS 1999 Graduation Ceremony - NAACP
Youth Entrepreneurial Institute - Reginald F. Lewis
SBA & NAACP - Mou Signing - 2 copies
CPS An African American Busienss Development Summit
Morgan State University - September 21, 2000
SBA Introduces the Online Business Center
SBA Karen Foxworth / Women's Business Roundtable 9-16-97
SBA The SBA 504 / The money that makes America Work
SBA The Women's Business Institute / Grand Opening Reception
Graduation Ceremony - 1st Step Fast trac Program
SBA ABF / SBA / Washington DC
WEB Women's Business Roundtable / Shopping for Money 1/13/98
SBA 8A Orientation featuring Monica Randall
SBA U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and U. S. Small Business Adminsitration Millennium Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday - January 11, 2000
2 copies
SBA BEC - July 14th 1998
* Video's with no casing
Debra Fine The Fine Art of Small Talk
2 tapes
New Home Business Series On line shopping center service (2 sets)
3 tapes
Fast Start Techniques Buying Foreclosures
3 tapes
RESI Network Computerized Tax preparation service
3 tapes